Know Us

When we smell a particular fragrance, such as, say, clean laundry or a fresh peach, we instantly and unconsciously connect that smell to a portion of our memory. Smell can evoke feelings and bring back memories that we forgot we had. Perfume is, quite simply, a mastery of some of the most frequent scents, and the artful combination thereof to produce a unique smell for an individual person. To understand perfume, we would need to start at its inception, back in the time of the ancient Egyptians.

Fragrance, from time immemorial, pleased living beings and supernatural spirits, and evoked emotional, spiritual, and intellectual inspiration within the human soul, fuelling the imagination in man to exceed and excel in his higher faculties towards achievement.

With the growth of civilisations the world over, such as the Harappan civilisation of North-West India, of China and South-East Asia, the Sumerian civilisation, the ancient Middle East and Egypt, and of the South American Mayan civilisations and so on, emperors and kings patronised discovery and acquisition of myriad fragrances from far off lands and peoples.

Courageous adventurers and pharmacists set sail and braved hostile territories and inclement weather. Valuables, precious stones, and even gold were traded and bartered by explorers and even pirates in expeditions over land, sea, mountain, and forest to seek and acquire the exotic scents. Spies were sent to acquire secrets of fragrances by any means.

Fragrance is formulated as perfume for direct application on one’s person and garments, and also sourced as incense, pulverised, emulsified, kneaded and hand-rolled around sticks (Agarbatti; joss sticks) to burn and give off vapours of fragrance that suffuses the entire ambience of an enclosed chamber or hall.

No wedding, inauguration, coronation, or religious ceremony etc is complete, especially in the East, without incense pervading the atmosphere. Today millions are spent on incense and perfume all over the world, and research and discovery continues with even greater gusto.

Anant rides the same wave that discoverers once traversed on to compound exotic formulas. Centuries old proven formulas that are timeless have once again proved a hit with contemporary tastes. Close on the heels of tradition, continuous research brings new fragrances for the modern milieu and environment we are so familiar with, befitting the changing times and temperament.

Company Aim

Anant aims to “create greater awareness of its products by conveying consistent quality, introducing newer fragrances, and maintaining the genuineness and purity of existing and established fragrances.”

Established in 1985, Anant was pioneered by the Late Shri Chinubhai Shah, an entrepreneur of great foresight. Today the Company has nearly four decades of experience & distributes over 100 products in the Indian market & 17 premium products in the export market.

The top of the line Agar Wood incense is exclusively developed for the Middle East Countries.

Anant Fragrance Pvt. Ltd. & Anant Agarbatti Works are twin affiliate Companies and cornerstones of the entire corporate set-up. Their operations are aimed to reinforce and support the major export thrust of Anant Impex.

Company Highlights

  • Leader in Indian fragrances market.
  • First hand experience of dealing in fragrances for 17 years
  • Enormous capacity-manufactures 750 metric tons of Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) per annum.
  • Largest range of more than one hundred fragrances for the Indian market
  • Strong R & D facilities for innovation and developing premium products
  • Exports premium brands

Eco-Awareness & Rights Awareness

Fragrances sourced and processed by Anant are guaranteed to be free from the following lapses:

  • The products are not from human, animal sources nor are they obtained by taking life or inflicting injury
  • The products are not tested on animals, insects or living beings
  • All products are obtained from flowers, seeds, trees, roots, and other vegetation.

The manufacturing process and the products are free from chemicals or effluents harmful to the environment, to the ozone layer, and conform to environment-protection standards

Anant’s brand of Agarbattis or Incense Sticks are marketed under the following brands and fragrances

  • Musk
  • Gold
  • Fresh
  • Rose
  • Bouquet
  • Peace
  • Swami
  • Nag Champa
  • Sandal
  • Denim
  • Classic
  • Mogra
  • Kewda
  • Agar Wood
  • Custom Incense